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Partners. Visionaries.

As much as we would love to highlight each of our individual investments, we are activists first remember.

As such, we do not want to compromise our portfolio companies or ourselves by providing the opposition with a detailed list of who we work with, how and where. More importantly, we don't want the opposition to know how we are tactically positioning ourselves to resist them as well. We don't just play defense around here.

All that said, we will instead share some information about the various asset classes we invest in for the benefit of those who may have a project you'd like us to consider.

Building Plan

Real Estate

We participate in Commercial and Residential development projects with an "impact-first" focus.

Client 2


Investing in the stock market is by no means a note-worthy or unique portfolio strategy, however, we operate within the niche arena of OTC equities that can significantly benefit from our expertise in public-private partnerships or our ability to facilitate access to non-dilute philanthropic capital.

Electric Car Charging Station

Impact Investments

We support various projects across the venture capital and private equity asset classes that prioritize SROI (social return on investment) over profits. For social enterprises that face pressures to create stakeholder value at the expense of addressing social and/or environmental needs, we help provide access to patient, mission-align capital. 

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