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Investments facilitate Resiliency; Resiliency powers Advocacy and our Advocacy is REAL...

When the world imagines what it is to be a whistleblower, I suspect they envision what I used to; a person sliding a folder of evidence over to authorities, answering questions and then walking off. I don’t know how true that perception is but my experience was different. The degree of convolution of what I uncovered required an approach more akin to a chess match. The feds, The Mayor’s Office, local nonprofits, local corporations, politicians, City Council members, political action committees, the regional/national press and others were all players on the same chess board. Each of us possessed one, maybe two pieces on the board and had the responsibility to move in a way that ensures victory for our side. However, in this game of chess, we play by uncommon rules; people switch sides, switch pieces and are sometimes not even revealed until it’s too late… Checkmate.

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