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Kneeling Protestors

Investments Powering Advocacy


From Wealth-Creation to Resilience

SoTech Ventures was originally founded with the same intent and aspiration of most businesses... to create profits and to build wealth. Like so many others, we were intrigued and enamored with stories of entrepreneurs beginning their journey with an inspired idea written out on a napkin followed by the challenging yet meteoric rise to success and riches. We were even more inspired by the thought that we could support such entrepreneurs (particularly those from under-served demographics and communities) as investors and advisors. These hopes and dreams felt noble, and in hindsight, there was nothing wrong with those desires... we just grew out of it.

In our pursuit of these ambitions, we re-discovered an obvious and simple truth, that this world is full of far more important goals to pursue, chief among them, service to others. After trading in our plans for term sheets, stock options and exit strategies for social justice, SROI and community revitalization, we discovered yet another obvious truth; that for every righteously indignant community advocate, there are a slew of opponents in the shadows (or often in plain sight) waiting and working to resist us. More importantly, we learned that when you begin to make authentic strides toward change and justice, those that oppose the change you seek will slander you, will smear you, will sue you and will seek to destroy you. These tactics often are focused on attacking your livelihood because the opposition has become very effective at influencing people and communities to be silent by threatening them with poverty. With these lessons and experiences well-learned, we pivoted yet again.

Perhaps we did not have to choose between being investors or being advocates. Perhaps one role could serve and support the other. Thus, the new and improved SoTech Ventures was born. Our organization now serves a higher purpose; we have built a portfolio which includes real estate, private equity, art, stocks and more with the two-fold goal of supporting amazing entrepreneurs / projects while also achieving economic resilience for ourselves and others in order to power social justice work.

Now, when our communities and community leaders are sued, we help them file counter-suits. When those who speak out for good are quietly dismissed and terminated from their places of employment, we leverage our networks to get them employed elsewhere. When the opposition directly attacks us and what they perceive to be our income, we have multiple alternative streams of income to sustain ourselves.

SoTech Ventures is an activist investment firm in its truest form because we are activists first. We invest in you because we want to see you succeed and believe you are building something that will improve the world we all live in. Meanwhile, we also leverage the infrastructure and financial returns from our portfolio to continue fighting the good fight on behalf of those who cannot always fight for themselves.

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