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Our platform strategy is focused on enabling our affiliated professionals to provide a broader spectrum of corporate finance, alternative finance and deal sourcing services. These services span the gamut from strategic advisory on public-private partnerships, M&A support, investor relations services, and beyond.

We strive to provide a differentiated approach that is community-focused and infused with our unrivaled understanding of investment structures that contribute toward inclusive capitalism. We take particular pride in designing, facilitating and supporting transactions that catalyze economic mobility in under-served communities.

SoTech Ventures is focused on harnessing some of the most profit-driven concepts from the private sector and re-tooling them into vehicles for social impact. We want early-stage entrepreneurs to experience greater access to capital via alternative finance; we want to facilitate the financing of more green & blue infrastructure projects beyond traditional debt instruments; we want to see more legacy businesses "exit" to employee ownership. We believe that transactions such as these are necessary to support broad economic mobility and prosperity in America (and across the globe). Hence, we founded SoTech Ventures to develop the products, services and policies that we see as necessary to bring about these outcomes.

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