Our Story
Originally founded in 2011, SoTech Ventures established its' roots in the non-profit sector as a grant writing and social enterprise consulting firm. 
Over the years as we helped our clients to secure grant support and long-term sustainability, we intently observed as the startup ecosystem grew to embrace tackling socially and environmentally conscious issues with technology-enabled solutions. It was during that time that we came to the revelation that a large number of entrepreneurs were building businesses with missions that closely aligned with those of many of our non-profit clients. 
We determined that with the proper innovation of corporate structure, it may even be possible for those startups to benefit from the same philanthropic capital that has been the lifeblood of the non-profit sector since its' establishment. What began as a simple curiosity years ago has since evolved into SoTech Ventures as you see it now. With nearly a decade of experience navigating philanthropic capital markets and raising millions of dollars in funding for non-profit organizations, we now re-direct those skillsets to assist startups, infrastructure projects, real estate owners and corporations in accessing billions of dollars of non-dilutive growth capital.
Managing Director
Shaun Randolph

A serial entrepreneur, non-profit executive, grant writer, venture capital advisor and innovative finance pioneer dedicated to harnessing some of the most profit-driven concepts from the private sector (private equity, venture capital and banking) and re-tooling them into vehicles for inclusive capitalism. 
Shaun brings 10 years of experience spanning organizational development, social enterprise consulting, project management, grant writing and innovative finance.