The Quintessential Entrepreneur: (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 25, 2018


Oh my fellow entrepreneurs… Nothing can completely describe the euphoric feeling that engulfs us when we get “THE IDEA”. It’s rarely followed by, “nah, that’s not going to work” or “This idea is not that great”. “THE IDEA” is usually coupled with a burning desire to tell the world of our big plans. We call our closest friends, parents, colleagues, etc. “Hey, tell me what you think of this…”; a raw, unfinished version of the greatest idea ever then proceeds from our mouth. Typically, we are deeply disappointed with the lack of appreciation from our audience of one. How can they not see how this can change the world?! I guess their just not on my level… We’ve all been there in some way, form or fashion. I’m sure that there are a few readers that immediately began figuring out who would be your “angel investors” once inspiration hit. I’m guilty.

When I got “THE IDEA”, I immediately transitioned into the mindset of the world’s greatest philanthropist. What charities would I select to benefit from my excess revenues? Would I donate stock or just write checks?

I didn’t even have a business plan, yet I was mentally doing interviews in my head explaining to the world how I originally came up with this brilliant idea. Would I go the “outspoken/arrogant” route and say its thanks to my natural intellect that was slightly bettered by a far from ivy-league education or would I be pious and share how God just gave me the idea one day?

Who cares… All that matters is that I have this idea and I truly believe it will change the world for the better. Not to mention, it can help remedy my unhealthy diet of Ramen noodles, McDonald’s and candy.

Lesson in Retrospect: Entrepreneurs, enjoy the excitement of “THE IDEA” but only for a time. Never become so inspired that you are immune to common sense or constructive criticism.

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