The Quintessential Entrepreneur: (Part 3)

Updated: Sep 24, 2018


Many of us end our entrepreneurial stories right here. After the inspiration passes, reality hits hard. You google your idea to find out that not only does it already exist, but on top of that your about 3 years behind the pack. That sucks. For others, its your spouse or parent or mentor or friend that reels you in. What about the kids? What about your job? What about the fact that your homeless (seriously)?

My fear was exactly that. I’ll pass on the details but I was without permanent residence when “THE IDEA” hit. “Uh Shaun, you need a job bro. I don’t think entrepreneurship is a good “fit”. This was followed by an almost memorized presentation of the statistics for how many businesses fail and how long it takes for a business to become profitable.

Realistically, I’m not going to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to ignore fear and dive in. At times, fear is an obstacle to be conquered. Other times, fear will deter us from danger. I believe that discernment helps us determine which type of fear we are experiencing. It may take time.

During my onset of fear, I wished I had other entrepreneurial minds to confide in. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not have that available. But enough about fear, we all know it very well. Let’s be solution-minded; what is our response?

We may assess the situation and determine that “THE IDEA” simply isn’t worth the personal investment.

We may have to get creative and figure out ways to beat the odds without neglecting essential responsibilities.

We may completely ignore the fear and use it as motivation to proceed aggressively.

Lesson in Retrospect: Do not be too quick to label those who don’t support your business or potential business as enemies. Many people genuinely have our best interests at heart whether they are right or wrong. Try to recognize and acknowledge the concern behind the criticism or discouragement.

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