The Quintessential Entrepreneur: (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

The social media world is ripe with resources, articles and information. "5 things every entrepreneur should know", "How to grow your business in 15 steps", Start-ups must fail in order to succeed", "Starting your million dollar business", "How not to launch a product" and on and on and on…

To be honest, there are pearls of wisdom that can be gleaned from articles such as those listed above, but for the most part they have been of little value to me. I have found that the most intriguing resources come in the form of past accounts and biographies on entrepreneurs that have achieved some level of "success". YouTube is full of interviews and documentaries with business legends; Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ellison, Zuckerburg, Templeton, J.P. Morgan, etc. There is something about seeing the humble beginnings of those who have achieved so much that's inspiring. But at the same time, there is an aspect of it that is discouraging.

As I'm sure many of us do, I often find myself on the verge of quitting, wondering why I haven't been "discovered" yet, why business hasn't blown up, why am I not a millionaire, why hasn't my idea been properly valued and appreciated by others… I often wondered if it would be more beneficial to follow the progress of fellow entrepreneurs instead of envy the progress of those who've "made it". Unfortunately, it seems like my fellow business men and women don't get interviewed, write books, or generally share the ups and deep downs of entrepreneurship until they've graduated out of the "start-up phase".

Well, my business has not yet "blown up". I have not been "discovered". There is still a high likelihood that I will be among the large percentage of businesses that fail. Regardless… I think there is value in sharing experiences from this perspective. My name is Shaun and I'm attempting to grow and maintain a start-up company that will disrupt the investment management sector.

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