Social Enterprise 
As A 
Capital Solution

Strategic Philosophy

Traditionally, private equity (particularly venture capital) has been an asset class that offers the potential for high returns and explosive growth, though it presents risk in the form of high deal-loss ratios and technology development risk. SoTech Ventures utilizes a new model aimed at achieving great returns for investors while minimizing the downside risks.


A Unique Formula

As a leader in the arenas of public-private partnership and innovative finance, the SoTech team excels in connecting distressed or “stranded” technology assets to non-dilutive philanthropic capital. We have the flexibility to either engage with investment firms in a unique Venture Partner capacity or participate in a private equity capacity by directly acquiring re-structured technology assets or spin-outs. In doing so, SoTech combines detailed due diligence and deep understanding to provide expert advice and actionable insights that lead to favorable outcomes:

  • Identify and re-build companies that have social impact potential

  • Refocus distressed companies into social enterprises

  • Foster, grow, and guide these companies to success 


The Inherent Advantages

SoTech Ventures is strategically positioned to directly or indirectly re-capitalize companies with resources from the public and private sectors. Leveraging previous investment in these companies and their technologies allows SoTech to achieve tremendous upside while simultaneously limiting risk factors. 


- Identify under-capitalized or distressed companies that have stranded assets with unrealized social impact applications. 

- Identify prospective partners from the public sector that have missions and social impact metrics aligning with the identified stranded assets. 


- Structure public-private partnerships that allow portfolio companies that hold these stranded assets to access non-dilutive philanthropic capital (i.e. foundation grants, donations, etc).


- Deploy a varied combination of non-dilutive philanthropic capital along with traditional capital for the re-development of these stranded assets into social impactful assets. 


- Re-brand, re-launch and scale portfolio companies as social enterprises.