Social Enterprise 
As A 
Capital Solution

Strategic Philosophy

Traditionally, private equity (particularly venture capital) has been an asset class that offers the potential for high returns and explosive growth, though it presents risk in the form of high deal-loss ratios and technology development risk. SoTech Ventures utilizes a new model aimed at achieving great returns for investors while minimizing the downside risks.


A Unique Formula

As a leader in the arena of public-private partnerships and innovative finance, SoTech and our affiliated professionals excel in helping to

re-capitalize distressed or “stranded” technology assets with

non-dilutive philanthropic capital. We have a range of services to accomplish this in passive partnership with investment firms via a deal scout capacity or when appropriate we can collaborate with the entrepreneurs directly by acquiring and re-structuring their technology assets. In doing so, SoTech provides expert advice and actionable insights that lead to favorable outcomes:

  • Identify and re-build companies that have social impact potential

  • Refocus distressed companies into social enterprises

  • Foster, grow, and guide these companies to success 



Strategic Philosophy

Long-time market synergies between commercial real estate and philanthropic capital providers make it a natural arena for SoTech to be active in. Our professionals develop collaborative strategies that combine workforce development programming which stabilize tenancy with tiered capital campaign support for tiered real estate development that aligns with the mission of nonprofit stakeholders. 

Beyond real estate, we also partner with infrastructure investors who are actively involved in the infrastructure as a service space. We support this niche investment community specifically in bringing their resources to under-served communities, HBCUs and rural communities.